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25th Years of Hope

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We are actively looking for new ways to bring in resources for the next wave of Hope into 2020. Please bring your ideas, visions, or talents to these people. If you feel called to share yourself then please contact us and we will implement your light.

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Updated: Jul 13, 2019

We perform 2 or 3 medical clinics each trip. We have been working with El Espino an extremely poor village in El Salvador. They live in huts with a dirt floor and no running water or electricity.

We usually have 4 international physicians with around 15 volunteers helping us with pharmacy, registration, and crowd control! We serve around 250 families each medical clinic.

The clinics main diseases are malnutrition, scabies, respiratory disease, parasites, sore throats, dehydration and fevers. We saved many babies lives that were diagnosed with pneumonia.

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Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Hope International uses every opportunity to teach underprivileged pregnant women and young mothers. The topics of discussion are basic hygiene, first aid, prenatal care, nutrition for pregnancy and lactation.

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